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Sounds Like Yourself

Michael Getman is the first guest choreographer to be invited to create for Fresco - Yoram Carmi.

Sounds Like Yourself is a bold new creation inspired by the exchange of love letter of several authors.

The piece was created by the inspiration of love letters that were exchanged between the author Henry Miller and the feminist author Anais Nin, and the letters of the novelist and playwright - Oscar Wilde from his 730 day imprisonment to his young lover - Lord Alfred Douglas.

These are passionate, painful, filled with love and anger, which act as a live soundtrack to the piece.

A virtuous physical work that challenges your body and mind, performed by ten dancer.

For upcomig shows, visit the Fresco Dance Company website.

Choreographer: Michael Getman

Artistic Director: Yoram Carmi


“It is hard not to be amazed by the way Michael Getman was able to create a refined choreographic expression of human consciousness experienced such total love, This work went beyond the limits of body and emotion into an existential situation.”

Idit Suslik - Mouse online

"Violent movement, rough, ruthless. Hypnotic effect the viewer is left with, long after he leaves the theater"

Mouse Online

"Very good evening ... bold and unconventional and inspiring. Recommended!"


"Freshness, quality and commitment of the performers were evident at every moment, Great pain and longing for the unattainable."


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