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The Druids Dream,Nov 2020.jpg

The Druids Dream

Oil on Canvas, 120 X 90 cm

From a small cluster of four or five standing stones, to a full ring of megaliths, the image of the stone circle is known to many as a sacred space. For at least 5,500 years High Priests, Druids and Geomancers have gathered in ceremonial order within the circle to receive the healing geomagnetic energy of the earth channeled through her megalithic structures. 

Many of Ireland’s ancient stone circles are aligned with the sun and moon, and form complex prehistoric calendars that signal the solstices and the vernal and autumn equinoxes.In Ireland Stone Circles are deeply connected with the spirits and fairies through our folklore and myth. These sites were known to be portals to the other-world, their sacred architecture provided a passageway to altered stated of consciousness and the re-calibration of the entire energy system of the human body.This painting contemplates our ancestors as one with these ancient sites, as the stones become the ancestors and they become the stones standing in eternal communion with the great circle of life.
Framed Original Painting: Price: €5000  - SOLD

Double mounted Limited edition prints: 24 X 18 cm - €75 

Framed Limited edition prints: Framed size: 38X32 cm, Image size: 24X18 cm - €125 

Unframed large size limited edition print 60x45 cm - 150€

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