Lament Of The Sea.jpg
Oil on Aluminum, 100X 75cm

This watery vista is titled Coineadh na Mara, (The Lament of the Sea).

Like anyone who walks the beach and finds a beautiful shell or piece of driftwood that they want to bring home, in a similar way, on my walks, I collect color impressions from the sky and sea at sunset and bring them back to the studio.

This painting swirls together impressions, sense, imagination to recall and recapture a magical and diaphanous late evening light, the one that turn’s the sea to marbled milk and makes the sky blush and bruise with rose. A sunset sky is nature’s way of teaching us how to let go …

The Sea holds the memory.

Framed Original Painting: 105X 79cm

Double mounted Limited edition prints: 24X18 cm - €75 

Framed Limited edition prints:
Frame size: 38X32 cm, Image size: 24X18 cm - €125 

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