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Celestial Ground.jpg
Oil on Canvas, 60 X 45 cm

This painting titled Celestial Ground collects a time spent on the endless limestone plateau of the east Burren in Co.Clare. 
The strange mystical quality of its almost empty lunar landscape rested on my imagination waiting to be revisited in one way or another.
The Burren or Boireann in Gaelic, meaning great rock was first settled some 6,000 years ago by Neolithic peoples. Amazingly An Boireann is home to almost 100 recorded ring forts, portal dolmens, cairns and megalithic chambers. 
These sites were of real and sacred significance to our ancient ancestors. By mapping the movements of the Sun, Moon and Stars these ancient sites became conduits of heavenly and earthly power that would heal and protect the land and its people.

The fact that An Boireann is home to rare and delicate species of wild orchid and many alpine plants, not found anywhere else in Ireland, almost whispers to us of that rarefication of elements and of the magic latent in the earth there. A truly special place.
Framed Original Painting: €1000

Double mounted Limited edition prints: 24 X 18 cm - €75 

Framed Limited edition prints:
Frame size: 38X32 cm, Image size: 24X18 cm - €125 

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