An Bean Feasa

Oil on Aluminium
80X 54cm

Date: 2021

Original Painting:
Price: €3500

Double mounted Limited edition prints:
32X22 cm - €115 

Framed Limited edition prints:
Frame size: 46X36 cm
Image size: 32X22 cm - €150 

New! Large size Limited edition print 60x40.5 cm, 
unframed - 150€

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Shes an Outlier

Born of desire


Drawing the wildreness in with love


She speaks in vortex a cryptic wind


In your magnetic blood she spins


From a throne, to a tower. Her femmine power


Prowling your borders at every hour.


From womb ever born A triune convergance of eternal hours her seasons writ over you skin


The snares of mind have wounded her kind so much,so much her weeping


For shes is wild


Only Child,


The Maiden, Mother and Crone.


Throwing sticks and spitting magic, Kissing the world as it turns


Shes the bitch, the Sacred Witch A benovelance alit from within


All creation keens forward in mystification The veil is increidibly thin


Refuse her no more,open the door Time to summon her in. 


Faustina Tanner